A Little History

The invention of the septic tank is credited to Frenchman John Louis Mouras, who, during the 1860s constructed a masonry tank into which was directed various household detritus from a small dwelling in Vesoul, France, subsequently overflowing to an ordinary cesspool. After a dozen years, the tank was opened and found, contrary to all expectations, to be almost free from solids. Subsequent to collaborations with one Abbe Moigno, a priest-cum-scientist of the period, Mouras was able to patent his invention on 2 September, 1881. It is believed that the septic tank was first introduced to the USA in 1883, to England in 1895 and to South Africa (by the British military) in 1898.

Even now, a century plus later, septic tank systems represent a major household wastewater treatment option. Fully 1/4 to 1/3 of the homes in the US utilize such a system.

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— Cheryl M., Felton, CA


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